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HeadsUp Agile

HeadsUp Agile is everything you ever wanted in a software project management system. It is the member of the development team you will wonder how you ever lived without. HeadsUp Agile takes care of the monotony of monitoring software health and managing teams of developers and gives your team back the time they need to do their job.

Open Source

This is the home of the HeadsUp Agile Open Source project, please have a look around and join us on one of the channels below.

The main project page is hosted at which is where HeadsUp Agile is in action hosting the issues, milestones and documentation.


Version 2.1 is out! download it now. This release is the second open source release of HeadsUp Agile - please enjoy this release and get in touch to suggest new features or enhancements at

If you are looking for support for your HeadsUp Agile installation you can download the pro version from Heads Up Development.


  • Source Code - available at GitHub
  • Users Mailing List - subscribe to agile-users
  • Development Mailing List - subscribe to agile-develop
  • IRC Channels - #agile-users and #agile-develop on